Welcome to Thailocal Craft - A website for various handmade products.
Welcome to Thailocal Craft, a website for thai various handmade products selling around the world.

Thailocal Craft is founded in 2004 and located in Bangkok, Thailand. We have been supplying various quality and cool Thai handmade and decorative items around the world especially in the USA, Europe and Japan. We have a wide variety of wood craft products, rattan, artificial clay flower, miniature clay, candle, candle holder, ceramic etc. We also do supplying directly to retail store in the mention countries with a small amount of quantity to large quantity. So let us supplying these kind of decorative items to your retails store or your wholesale business.

We can ship the goods worldwide with a minimal of shipping cost via EMS, FedEx, DHL, UPS or TNT service. The production time is depend on your ordering quantity. Most of the cases are ranging from 1 week to 2 weeks for an ordering amount of 500 USD - 2,000 USD. The spending time of bigger ordering amount would depend on kind of products and quantity. And the shipping time is within 4 - 7 days for most of the countries including USA and Europe.

Best Selling Items

Fancy Candle Design (Rose)Cattleya - Miniature ClayPhalaenopsis Orchid (Artificial Clay Flower)
Fancy Candle Design (Rose)
Cattleya - Miniature Clay
Phalaenopsis Orchid (Artificial Clay Flower)
Fruit Shaped Bowls (Mango Wood)Tealight (Mango Wood, Long Bench)Wine Holder
Fruit Shaped Bowls (Mango Wood)
Tealight (Mango Wood, Long Bench)
Wine Holder
Beer Mug (Palm Wood)Wine and Brandy Glasses (Palm Wood)Coffee Cup (Palm Wood)
Beer Mug (Palm Wood)
Wine and Brandy Glasses (Palm Wood)
Coffee Cup (Palm Wood)